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Our Team



Co-Founder & President

Jeremiah is a third year student at the University of British Columbia. Throughout Jeremiah’s life, he has gradually observed the increasing rates of marginalization and poverty rates in his travels in Greece, Egypt, as well as at home, in Vancouver, British Columbia. He feels that those who facing misfortune do not deserve to be in the position they are. It is for this reason, that Jeremiah decided to co-found Vision for Life. Jeremiah is ecstatic to see this initiative grow, and is confident that his team will help lead this endeavour to success.



Director of Film

Nishi is a second year sciences student at the University of British Columbia. Nishi’s experience going to India has shaped her to become more empathetic towards the less fortunate. Seeing families with young children who can’t afford an education, sleeping on the streets with torn up clothes, and surviving on little food. She feels heartbroken and wishes to do anything she can to help those people in need. Nishi is always passionate to make a positive change in her community.



Co-Founder & President

Richard is a third year Science student at the University of British Columbia. Growing up in an immigrant household, he grew up watching his parents take on tough jobs and work long hours to battle against the consistent finance struggles that his family had to face. Such experiences as a kid made him more attentive to the poverty issues both within Vancouver and around the world. Experiencing poverty first hand created empathy towards the adversities that the marginalized individuals go through on a daily basis. This gave him the motivation to start Vision for Life. Richard sees great potential in this organization and believes that it will significantly change the lives of many in the future.

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