Upcoming Projects

Outreach is one of our main pillars. At Vision For Life, we are constantly looking for ways to empower marginalized individuals by giving them a voice in society. Here are some projects in the works!

Storyboard Project

The issues of poverty and its impact on individuals around the world can be overlooked by many. To make this worse, with the spread of many stereotypes and stigmas, many individuals hold a prejudiced view against marginalized individuals in society leading to further neglect of this issue. As a non-profit, we aim to contribute to reducing this widespread stigma by providing fact-based YouTube videos on specific and broad topics regarding poverty in a storyboard format. All of the information we provide will come from credible and trusted sources and they cover a range of topics including the cycle of poverty, gentrification, harm reduction, and many more. We hope that this project will debunk many of the common myths and introduce a more accurate and critical perspective of what poverty is, and shape healthier mindsets surrounding this topic in the future.

Podcast Project

Oftentimes, the voices of many marginalized individuals go unheard or are drowned out by mainstream society. As a result, these individuals face unduly amounts of oppression and are forced to remain silent against their own will. Vision For Life aims to change this. With our podcast project, we aim to converse with those who face poverty and share their stories and perspectives with the rest of the world, thereby giving them their own voice. By doing this, marginalized individuals are given an opportunity to be heard by others. We hope that this project will provide a representation of the reality of poverty and remove any obscurations surrounding this topic.